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Furnace Monitoring System

Furnace Probe

This furnace probe as a peace of our core business espicially used for monitoring hot areas in all kind of industrial productions.

4–chamber water– cooled furnace probe housing made of stainless steel, available in different execution according to operative range. The probe is suitable for monitoring extremely hot areas.

Picture probe with camera support


  • Lenght: 0,5–4,5m
  • Diameter: 50/60/70/108mm
  • Ambient temperature: 2000°C
  • 4–chamber water–cooling:
    SVA Patent Nr.196 50 983.1–09
  • Air washing: From 430 L/h
  • Water consumption: To 1300°C 320 L/h
  • Viewing direction: Straight/60°/90°

Other sizes available!


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