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Furnace Monitoring System

Top roll cAmerA modul

Toprollen Kameramodul

The CCD camera equipped with1/3”sensor has got a higher dynamic range than any other monitoring camera.It is not necessary to use a prism any longer because the sensor is 90° offset.

Picture transmission is possible without loss. Using an objec-tive with a lens diameter of 2mm qualifies the camera to be used for top roll monitoring.The diameter of the view of the water cooled top roll camera hous-ing can be reduced to 5mm at least and in this consumption the cleaning range can be extended to a maximum.The camera can be switched exter-nally from left to right by using a separate connected box. Even other parameters (shutter, zoom, lightness, image definition, lens screen, and others) can be changed externally by using this box.

Toprollen Kameramodul


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