SVA Industrie Fernseh GmbH
Furnace Monitoring System

Furnace monitoring

Our furnace probe is used with 60mm diameter. A variety of lenses and camera types are available. Our probe housing is manufactured of various steel and stainless steel alloy dependent upon load and tank firing as well against adhesions with special heat resistant plastics.

Bubbling control

Despite of more and more comprehensive process control of container glass furnaces, is the image of a furnace probe camera valuable insights on the state of the batch situation and the bubblinge-controls. By analyzing time-lapse photography (time-laps recordings), the batch flow can be precisely monitored and accordingly controlled. Likewise, the position of the flame can be optimized, whereby the consumption of combustion media minimized and can avoid damage to the refractory material of the tube can be avoided.

Characteristics of the probe are low coolant consumption and high stability. The probe can be used in both fixed and mobile or equipped with an automatic retraction device. Various expansion stages are available.

The standard version is made up of the furnace probe consisting of camera, lens and cooling-system, retraction device, media cabinet, remote control and all cables, connectors and tubes which are nessecary for the function of the system.

The following areas are centrally controlled from the control room from:

  • Commodity delivery
  • Batch tower
  • Furnace courses
  • Furnace monitoring of the melting tank
  • Conveyors
  • Loading
  • Spread with internal or external enclosures
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Slab furnaces
  • Slag flow
  • Boiler
  • Chimneys