SVA Industrie Fernseh GmbH
Furnace Monitoring System

Production control

Our monitoring and control concepts are very versatile. For this reason, we can only present - on our website - the most common applications. Despite more and more extensive process control, are the image of a furnace probe camera provides valuable insights on the state of the batch situation and the bubbling settings.

time-lapse photography

By analyzing the time-lapse photography, the so-called Time-Laps recordings, for example, the mixture flow can be accurately monitored and controlled. For certain applications, the company SVA offers a wide range of furnace monitoring probes for external and internal as well as for permanent installation with automatic retraction device or mobile for periodical inspections.

Through our decades of experience in the field of furnace monitoring we are able to develop and deliver application-specific solutions for almost every production step and production optimisation.

The following areas are centrally controlled from the control room:

  • Commodity delivery
  • Batch tower
  • Furnace courses
  • Furnace monitoring of the melting tank
  • Conveyors
  • Loading
  • Spread with internal or external enclosures
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Slab furnaces
  • Slag flow
  • Boiler
  • Chimneys