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Furnace Monitoring System

Top Roll Monitoring System

Toprol monitoring system

  • Permanent monitoring of the top rolls enables you to realise anomalies directly
  • Time for change over of the glass width and thickness can be minimised
  • You are able to control up to 3 top rolls by one camera at the same time
  • Distance between glass rim and glass track can be monitored

Your advantages

  • Small weight
  • Slightly recooling of the tin bath
  • Durable, compact design


  • Length: up to 4200 mm
  • Diameter of the probe: 70 mm
  • Water consumption: 350 l/h
  • Angle of view: 90°


  • Support automatically or manually
  • Automatic monitoring of the media
  • Blending in the top roll speed at the monitor


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